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Welcome to Dads House

Dads House set up in 2008 to help single dads in the practicalities of looking after their children on their own...

There are over 2 million non resident dads in the UK and over 200,000 looking after children on their own. In London there are 20,000 dads who are the main carers for their children.

Hair and drug testing

Dads House has partnered Cansford Laboratories for Hair and drug test,We are the official collection agents for Dads who have been asked to take the test,by the Family courts,
As collection agents prices vary so much from £105,VAT TO OVER £300, Dads House does not charge dads for this service,  saving dads a lot of money when they least can afford it.

Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing
How does testing hair prove misuse of drugs or alcohol?
Hair Testing measures the traces of drugs or alcohol found inside and outside a shaft of hair.
Traces last for a number of months – and as hair typically grows at 1cm per month, we can identify what’s been used within a reliable timeframe. In other words, testing hair provides a Black Box recording of drug and alcohol use.

Hair Drug Testing
Hair testing for drug use is a straight forward process, where we measure the number of drugs and drug metabolites found inside the shafts of a lock of hair. By taking a small sample, from the head or body, we can establish the level of use over a period stretching from one week ago to the previous 12 months – depending on the length of hair.

Hair Testing for Alcohol Use and Abstinence
Hair testing for alcohol use is a different matter. Alcohol doesn’t deposit itself inside the hair shaft, so instead we look for Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) and Fatty Acids Ethyl Esters (FAEE) which are biomarkers of alcohol consumption, that can be detected in hair.
Depending on the levels detected, it can indicate abstinence or it can point to chronic excessive consumption of alcohol dating back for a period of 3 or 6 months.
Cansford Laboratories developed a sensitive LC-MS/MS procedure to detect levels below 7 pg/mg which has been accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025 standards.
We are the first laboratory in the Uk to achieve this level of sensitivity.

Why is hair testing more effective than other methods?
Hair testing provides a reliable history of drug or alcohol consumption, making a clear distinction between casual and sustained chronic use. And there are very few limitations. As tests can be carried out on either head or body hair, samples can be taken from virtually any individual.

Compared with other forms of testing, hair offers:

  • Less invasive collection
  • More sensitive results
  • A longer window of detection
  • Less risk of tampering


Who uses hair testing and why?
We’re testing hair for all manner of professionals and groups, including:

  • Solicitors acting for Social Services or clients in childcare cases
  • Employers screening job applicants or exploring complaints against staff
  • Drug Clinics and Rehab Centres monitoring day to day consumption
  • Government, Police and Armed Forces screening personnel for critical tasks
  • Schools taking a hard line on drug or alcohol dependency

You can find out more information here >
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We are walking with the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust which funds Law Centres and pro bono agencies in and around London. Dads House is going to be walking in aid of Dads House and aiming to raise £5000 to support singles dads.

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