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Hello and My First Blog

Hello all This is my first blog for the Dads House website. I am genuinely flattered and excited to start to write a few blogs for the website and must say thanks to Billy for asking me.


So first, it is probably worth just saying a little bit about myself: I am Simon, a proud single father to my 8 year old son. I am very fortunate to have my son and enjoy caring for him so very much. I have recently moved into the role of an academic, following a career as a children and families social worker. I am interested in single fatherhood and fatherhood both professionally and personally, and I am especially passionate about single fathers in our society. I think that’s probably enough about me!


I found out about Dads House via twitter and became increasingly interested in Billy’s tweets and what Dads House is doing. It seemed to me that what he and Dads House are doing is so important, unusual and needed. From my experiences there is limited support for single fathers in the UK and Dads House clearly bucks this trend. Perhaps, as I am now an academic and paid to think, the practical and everyday side of the help being provided has also really excited me. Things like football evenings, food parcels, drop ins and breakfast clubs that have a really inclusive message and offer genuine support have got to be good news. Further, some of the advocacy for single fathers through the media and feeding into reviews and research seem crucial too.


I have been fortunate to have a couple of conversations with Billy so far and I very much look forward to talking with and meeting other people involved with Dads House. This feels like an exciting new direction for me and I hope that I can be supportive of Dads House into the future. Before I go, I am sure that there are plenty of stories amongst you all that really deserve to be told. Being a single father can be simply awesome, but also very hard work. If you would like to share your story, or some part of it, please get in touch and we can then write it up for this blog.


Thanks for reading and bye for now. Simon



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Dads & Kids Breakfast Club

Dads House Dads & Kids Breakfast club is held every Saturday 9am to 11am

We are looking for a new sponsor for our breakfast club.

Worlds End Under 5's Centre

18 Blantyre Street



SW10 0DS

Come along and meet other dads, Let the Children play and take part in many of our fun activities whilst enjoying breakfast and a hot beverage, Since we relaunched the breakfast club in Jan 2018, we have welcomed over 100 Dads and their children.



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