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Single Dads and Holidays

Hello everyone. A rather quick blog from me this month, as Domy and I will then be fortunate to go on holiday. There are a couple of things I would like to briefly discuss.

Firstly, DadsHouse did well to get free tickets to the Dinosaurs in the Wild Show, which was greatly enjoyed by Mel and children. It sounds fabulous, fun and informative. Mel wrote that:

‘The Dinosaurs in the Wild show is a great experience. We were welcomed in quite a non-descript waiting area, which was reassuringly staid, given what was coming next. The transition towards the time machines was a great way to feel part of an adventure story, and the children particularly enjoyed this, as it reminded them of holidays and theme parks, but the blend of interactive exhibits, robotic dinosaurs, live action and great 3D effects gave a sense of being on a Jurassic Park film set. Getting into the actual dinosaur base was very engaging, the actors all playing very similar roles to scientists and zoo keepers, and made it far more interactive and provided some very funny moments with the dinosaurs.

The labs were an absolute gem with dinosaurs being an amazing area, and it was great for the children to see close-up what seemed like a baby dinosaur, moving across the exploration base was a great way to learn about dinosaurs and for the children to sense how different and powerful dinosaurs were. The final part takes your group to the lookout at the top of the exploration base, where you watch as the dinosaurs become ever more dangerous and culminates in being evacuated underneath a giant sea creature and into escape time travelling pods.

Overall, a great experience for dinosaur fans of all ages’.

Secondly, Domy and I are very lucky to be going away on holiday and this has got me thinking about holiday periods for single dads and mums and how childcare and activities can be such issues and so expensive. I work full time and childcare for Domy costs a lot. Childcare costs have risen faster than wages, when many of us depend on childcare to work or study. For many single dads and mums cuts to Tax Credits and other benefits have also made childcare costs an even greater issue.

We all know that activities are generally getting more expensive. Research shows that the cost of raising a child to the age of 21 has reached over £230,000, a 65% increase since 2003; with ‘average parents’ spending £70,000 for childcare and babysitting alone, over £16,000 on holidays and almost £17,000 on hobbies and leisure activities.

So, do you look forward to the school holidays, feel anxious as to how you will afford them, or a mix of both? We would really welcome your views and experiences and tips for free things to do.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy the remaining sunshine.


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